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Remembrance Way   Verrières Ridge Marker   Verrières Ridge   Point 67 Park   Point 67 Park 2   Point 67 Park 3   Poppies   Vintage Citroen Car   Orne Valley   Black Watch Plaque   Château de Falaise   Failaise Remembers   In The Rubble of Falaise   Failaise Then  Now 2   Free French M8 Greyhound   St Lambert-sur-Dives then and now   Tiger tank   Sherman M4   Bretteville-sur-Laize War Cemetery   Bretteville-sur-Laize War Cemetery 2

2 Replies to “Photo Galleries”

  1. Ken C.

    Well you always do the 10 yards forget the full 9 yards

    Must say as always very impressed, someone has done their homework

    Like your personal touch of photo’s

    Yes I did learn some new stuff

    Thanks for the tour with you

    • Site Admin Post author

      Heh, Bubba!

      Glad you (finally) left a comment and glad to learn that you’ve enjoyed the blog, pictures, and videos. Hope you will continue to visit regularly as evolves and grows.

      Thanks for all the support, brother. It means a lot to me.



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