The First and The Last

Row on RowDid you know that, through some remarkable coincidence, the first and last British soldiers to be killed in combat in the First World War are buried within seven paces of each other? There are seven paces, and metaphorically, 886,000 dead British servicemen between them.

Did you know that the last soldier to die in the First World War was a Canadian? Private George Lawrence Price, 25, of the 6th Canadian Infantry Brigade, was shot through the head at 10.57 am, three minutes before the guns fell silent on November 11, 1918.

Finally, did you know that the First World War was the first in history in which efforts were made to give permanent marked graves to dead soldiers? The link below leads to an article from 2013 that explains how this came to be and the story behind the cemeteries on the Western Front.

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